10. Future-oriented synthesis

The results from the other projects in Towards Sustainable Waste Management are synthesised and comprehensively presented in a number of strategic scenarios. In the scenarios, the effectiveness of packages of policy instruments in different external developments is highlighted. In this way, the results of the Programme will provide useful input to actual decision-making and strategy development which can lead to a more sustainable waste management.

Project manager: Göran Finnveden, Department of Environmental Strategies Research - fms, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Göran FinnvedenRoyal Institute of technology goran.finnveden@infra.kth.se
Karl-Henrik DreborgRoyal Institute of technology khdr@infra.kth.se
Sara TyskengRoyal Institute of technology tyskeng@infra.kth.se
Maria NoringRoyal Institute of technology mnoring@infra.kth.se
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