1. Policy instrument formulation

The overall aim of the project is to formulate new informative, economic, legislative and/or physical policy instruments and new combinations of such instruments aiming towards a more sustainable solid waste management.

A review of existing and proposed policy instruments will be performed. After a first screening, interesting instruments will be chosen for further evaluation in other projects in Towards Sustainable Waste Management.

Project manager: Göran Finnveden, Department of Environmental Strategies Research - fms, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Johan SundbergProfujohan.sundberg@profu.se
Mattias BisaillonProfumattias.bisaillon@profu.se
Göran FinnvedenRoyal Institute of technology goran.finnveden@infra.kth.se
Karl-Henrik DreborgRoyal Institute of technology khdr@infra.kth.se
Sara TyskengRoyal Institute of technology tyskeng@infra.kth.se
Maria NoringRoyal Institute of technology mnoring@infra.kth.se
Jan-Olof SundqvistIVL Swedish Environmental Reserch Institute jan-olov.sundqvist@ivl.se
Roth L, Björklund A, Finnveden G, Tyskeng S. (2009) Developing the extended producer responsibility. Submitted.
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Finnveden G, Björklund A, Carlsson Reich M, Eriksson O, Sörbom A. (2007) Flexible and robust strategies for waste management in Sweden. Waste Management 27:S1-S7.
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