3. Environmental assessment of policy instruments

The overall aim of the project is to contribute to sustainable waste management by assessing proposed waste policy instruments from a life cycle perspective. Existing and new data for waste flows and processes will be compiled and made available at the programme web site (Read more about the Environmental data base). These data will be implemented in a generic LCA tool for assessment of proposed waste policy instruments.

The project also includes harmonisation of terminology and data within the programme, to facilitate and ensure correct exchange of data among projects. 

Project manager: Anna Björklund, Department of Environmental Strategies Research - fms, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Johan TivanderChalmers University of Technology johan.Tivander@chalmers.se
Ola ErikssonUniversity of Gävle Ola.Eriksson@hig.se
Maria Ljunggren SödermanIVL Swedish Environmental Reserch Institute maria.Soderman@ivl.se
Åsa Stenmarck IVL Swedish Environmental Reserch Institute asa.stenmarck@ivl.se
Anna BjörklundRoyal Institute of technologyannab@infra.kth.se
Annika KarlssonRoyal Institute of technology 
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