4. Institutional aspects and the waste-incineration tax

In this project, we investigate how a tax on incineration of waste with fossil origin affects the waste treatment. We also investigate how institutional aspects affect the consequences of such a tax. To this analysis, we add a discussion on what techniques are available for transferring the signal of the tax to individuals and organisations who can separate the material with fossil origin from the rest of the waste.  

Project manager: Tomas Ekvall, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Göteborg

Tomas EkvallIVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute tomas.Ekvall@ivl.se
Sahlin J. (2007) Systems Aspects of Increased Swedish Waste Incineration. PhD thesis, Dept of Energy and Environment, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg.
Sahlin J, Ekvall T, Bisaillon M, Sundberg J. (2007) Introduction of a waste incineration tax: Effects on the Swedish waste flows. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 51(4):827–846.
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